Midnight, 4/12/10

Just posting late tonight about our meeting with Shalmi and the kids in preparation for tomorrow’s journey to Olomouc to interview three survivors of Auschwitz, two of whom have never had their stories recorded. Right now, our students are still working diligently, even though we have not required it, to finalize their interview questions and their strategies for the interview process tomorrow. We are so proud of them!


  1. I really wish i would have seen this update earlier for i want to encourage every group to ask the survivors sometime in their interview what it was like continuing their life under communism and what they think of it. Those of you that know me will laugh, but I want to hear the view points of people that for part of their lives were stripped completely of any freedom, and to then be put back into a system in which their freedoms were limited in so many ways. And now to live in a democratic system, if not for the documentary, do it just because it is interesting please? I think they can provide a very unique viewpoint that will soon be lost to the sands of time.


  2. I find myself waiting each day to read any of the postings that you all are sending out.It is the highlight of my day. You all sound so involved and mature in your writing.Thanks for your information you are sending us.


  3. It is so inspiring to see all your hardwork. It is truly gift to be able to record the stories of these surviors, especially the two that have never been recored. What an honor that must be. It will be a treasure throughout history. It must feel incredible to hear so many eyewitness accounts! I hope that you continue to learn about such history through the words of survivors, and the things left behind by them. I hope that we will be able to hear about your experience when you return home. Safe travels everyone! 🙂


  4. i really wish i could be there to witness the stories myself! I am jealous that you get to record them. I love hearing the actually survivors speak it helps me imagine that much more the horific things that happened.


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