Holocaust Study Tour 2015

Welcome to our blog for HST 2015! We will be posting daily beginning on April 7th. Please join us as we embark on an educational journey and comment on our blog. We look forward to the insightful comments from our followers each year.


  1. HST 2015 will be an experience of a lifetime for the students going on the Holocaust Study Tour. To the students,Learn the life of the history, and understand the depth of its complexity.You will have every opportunity to touch, feel, and live the lessons of the Holocaust—lessons that are very daunting. You will be challenged. There will be times when you will be moved, and at times you will be shaken. Throughout it all be in the moment, for this type of education is one that impacts change in the world. Caitlin, Rose, and Kayla,I am sad that I will not share this experience with you. I will be following your journey through the blog and I look forward to seeing, hearing, and reading your reflections during your trip.All the best,Mr. Chang


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