Day 14: Krakow

We spent our last day in Krakow touring Wawel Hill with our guide, Paulina, and learning about the history of this beautiful city. We saw the beautiful Wawel Cathedral, where John Paul II said his first mass as a newly ordained priest, and Wawel Castle, with a beautiful courtyard that depicts medieval architecture.

We walk through the beautiful park that surrounds the Old Town of Krakow, and stop at Jagiellonian University, one of the oldest and best universities in all of Europe.  Inside the courtyard where Copernicus studied and taught, we watched the astrological clock strike eleven and the wooden professors marched out and in to beautiful music.

Winding our way down the hill and into the bright, warm and sunny market square, we entered Krakow’s Market Square Underground Museum.  Inside, we saw the archeological remnants of the medieval society of Krakow that operated small booths and traded in this bustling market on the trade routes going across Europe.

From here, we go back above ground to the square, and enjoy an afternoon that includes lunch and shopping for souvenirs from beautiful, hospitable Krakow, before heading back to the hotel to blog and to prepare for our final dinner this evening.

Final Reflections:

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  1. Just heard your final reflections and was once again awed by the power of experiential learning and how it has changed your lives. Can't wait to hear more when you all get safely home!


  2. Your pictures and final reflections are representative of what amazing young men and women you are. You have all grown so much over the past two weeks and that is evident in your work. You have repeatedly heard that this trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity and now you truly understand why. I look forward to reading your essays when the book is printed and to seeing your presentation in June. Now it is time for the students to become the teachers as you share what you have learned. Safe travels home!!


  3. WOW! What a beautiful way to end your trip! With some great group photos on a bright sunny day in Krakow, then with your incredibly moving personal reflections and photos from these past two weeks! I am so very proud of all of you, (but especially Tara,) for trying to capture, in just a few words and images, what all of the learning and emotions you experienced meant to you. Seeing is believing! Thanks, again, to your amazing teachers, without whom this trip would not be possible! Enjoy your last night together! Have a safe trip! Can't wait to see you tomorrow! 🙂


  4. The pictures look amazing and I'm sure in real life the sites must be so much more spectacular. The Holocaust feels like it happened long ago yet even today people continue to rebuild what had been damaged. The reflections were great along with the slideshow of photos, I can't wait to hear more once you all get back.


  5. Incredible, just incredible. All of you are wonderfully articulate. It is clear just how meaningful this trip has been to everyone.It is ironic that while you were Europe people were killed in Kansas City because they were thought to be Jews. And in the Ukraine there has been a vile flyer for all Jews to register with the authorities.I look forward to seeing your DVD and your presentation in June.


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