1. Hope you are all enjoying this trip as much as I did! Listen to what all the tour guides have to say they really made the trip!! This was such a wonderful experience for me and i wish i was able to be there with all of you! I see that you went to the Berlin train station…that really hit home to me! reading all the places they went and how many were killed! your only on day 3 and it only gets better! Cant wait to see more photos and videos! Also take all of this in, i promise you you wont regret it! Mrs. T Mrs.Bauman, Mrs. Sussman, Mr. Chang, and Mr. Barmore I miss you all! Have a great rest of your trip..will be following!-Love Deanne


  2. What an astounding learning experience you are all involved in. It is clear you are seeing how easy it was for ordinary people to be complicit in such atrocities by just looking the other way. A good lesson to bring home with you.Ronnie EisenSHIP Program Midland Park High School


  3. This blog is such a gift, to be able to follow the student's journey! I have many questions to ask my son. Keep up the amazing commentaries and images.


  4. From viewing today's video and reading your comments, I can see that you are coming to terms with understanding human behavior, and what makes ordinary people with families and children turn into heartless monsters. A very big lesson, indeed!Absorb it all- and then come home and share with us!Have fun, too!Mrs. DePoto


  5. Great commentaries. I look forward to them each day. I'm sure you realize the knowledge imparted is very esoteric here at home. It sounds like a terrific time. Enjoy yourselves!! Jack Ryan


  6. I was impressed with the shared thoughts at the Rosenstrasse Memorial commenting on the 'sensitivity of the dictator to the will of the people'. The reactions of a society can be a powerful tool.Enjoy Prague….such a lovely city.


  7. I am certain that this experience will remain with you for the rest of your lives. In fact, I am confident that what you learn, the people that you meet, and the friendships and bonds that you forge with your classmates will remain with you. This experience will impact the decisions you make in the future, and will shape your lives for many years to come. As a former social studies teacher who taught middle school units on the Holocaust, I am envious of this opportunity for each of you. The community of New Milford is proud of you and your teachers. Soak in every moment!


  8. Please enjoy your experience and bring back with you all that this trip has to offer. You have been given an opportunity that most students never have presented to them and you will never forget what you see and hear during your days on this trip. Please take care of each other.


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